Question Bridge: White Women in America is a powerful video megalog, designed to facilitate an in-depth dialogue within a demographic. When finished, our collection of questions and answers will use modern technology and media culture to expose the true complexity, diversity and humanity of this identity group.

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It's a simple process: look into the camera and pose a question or questions to another White woman in America. 


.In turn, you get to answer questions from other women, share your perspective and help create positive dialogue about life in America as a white woman.



Question Bridge: White Women in America

Engage with differently minded women by asking questions directly into a video camera and then responding to taped questions others have brought to the project; forge meaningful dialogue across contentious contemporary divides; gain understanding and perspective.

White Women make up one of the largest voting blocs in the U.S.A. They represent 77 percent of the women’s vote and 42 percent of all voters nationwide. But during recent national elections, the white female vote was almost evenly split by party preference for Republican or Democrat.  This is just one illustration of a powerful divide between white women today. Question Bridge: White women in America has created a safe and illuminating way to foster better understanding and a national dialogue across an often volatile ideological expanse.

We want to know what it feels like and means to be a white woman today in the U.S. What is your experience? What would you ask a white woman very different than yourself? We figure that the best way to cut through the noise and the anger is to listen. If you are a white woman, we would like to hear what you have to say.   The questions and answers are not edited and your name and contact information will never be displayed.  

Question Bridge: The Concept

The Question Bridge concept was created by Artist Chris Johnson in 1996.  Johnson is a Professor of Photography and Chair of the Photo Program at CCA in Northern Calif.  He is best known for with the creation of 
Question Bridge: Black Males that he co-Directed with Hank Willis Thomas in 2012.
This project was intended to create dialogue and build a new definition of what it means to be a black man in America. With Question Bridge: White Women in America, we aim to replicate the setup and thoughtfulness brought by an interplay of non-confrontational intersections between persons who may otherwise never have the chance to interact. 

Chris Johnson is the Executive Producer of Question Bridge: White Women in America.




Join us to ask and answer...

if you are interested in joining Question Bridge: White Women, please join us in the journey across the United States - all participants are anonymous in our productions, and we aim to facilitate a safe and neutral environment. 


Fill out the intake form below and we will reach out to you. 


Filming Schedule

Ask a question | Offer an Answer

Create Meaningful Dialogue, Engage with other Women, gain understanding and perspective.

Film Schedule: 

Scottsdale, Arizona | June  2019
Omaha, Nebraska | July 2019
Los Angeles Area | August 2019

Birmingham, Alabama | 2019

coming soon to a town near you...

THE PEOPLE BEHIND Question Bridge: White Women in America 


Gail Ablow

Project Artist

Multimedia Journalist

Documentary Filmmaker 


Leila Seppa

Project Artist




Haley Seppa

Project Artist




Marilyn Berlin-Snell

Project Artist

Journalist & Editor

Print Author


Katie Swan

Project Intern
Artist | Performer



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