Our mission is to facilitate a meaningful exchange of ideas in a safe environment.  


As exemplified by the original Question Bridge, the process works best when its team members are of the same demographic. By working directly within our own identity group, we are creating bridges for engagement and understanding among the very diverse white female demographic. Though the participants (as well as Question Bridge team members) are all white women, the discrete exchanges created by our participants help solidly place our demographic in the larger context and national dialogue while also affording the chance to honestly examine our demographic’s role in relation to others in our country.

We've seen the value in the Question Bridge model, using a non-confrontational video setting to get at the heart of issues that divide so many of us.  

By taking part in Question Bridge: White Women in America, you will help shape a civil national conversation, one that respectfully shows great diversity of thought within a single demographic while also highlighting the points of surprising convergence. beyond being a 'white woman'.

When finished, our collection of questions and answers will use modern technology and media culture to reveal the compelling complexity, thought-provoking diversity, and, ultimately, the inspiring humanity of the opaque “white female” demographic.

Question Bridge: The Concept

The Question Bridge concept was created by artist Chris Johnson in 1996.  Johnson is a Professor of Photography and Chair of the Photo Program at CCA in Northern California.  He is best known for the creation of  Question Bridge: Black Males, which he co-Directed with Hank Willis Thomas in 2012. That project was intended to create dialogue and build a new definition of what it means to be a black man in America.

With Question Bridge: White Women in America, we aim to replicate the setup and thoughtfulness brought by an interplay of discrete and non-confrontational questions and answers between people who might not otherwise ever have the chance to meet and learn about each other. We all benefit from the chance to listen in.

Chris Johnson is the Executive Producer of Question Bridge: White Women in America.