What is Question Bridge?

Question Bridge is a video dialogue based on the premise that asking and answering questions from within a demographic can lead to deep insight and meaning. 


By creating a safe and intimate space with a small team whose members are of the same demographic, we facilitate an environment that mitigates against the expression of judgment, prejudice, and pent-up anger. It’s an approach that evolved from the early days of Question Bridge, when team members discovered the hard way that limiting the process to a single demographic resulted in more honest, insightful, and vulnerable participation.

No one tells you what to ask or how to answer. First, you pose any questions you’d like to. We will take them on the road and seek out women to answer you. Next, you will be asked if you want to answer pre-taped questions we have already gathered from other women. This process is surprisingly intimate, and creates a much-needed bridge toward better connections, understanding, and engagement.

Why White Women? 

The first Question Bridge focused on African American men (Question Bridge: Black Males). Its creators, Chris Johnson discovered that limiting the participants to a particular demographic created a safe space and fostered a more honest expression of ideas and worldviews.


In this iteration, we chose White women in America because we want to explore the diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, ideologies, and aspirations that resulted in a voting pattern that split in half in 2016. What constitutes this great divide? Where are the convergences? We believe that in listening to white women we will gain insight into the equally great divide that exists in the nation as a whole.

Exactly because of the demographic diversity of white females, we believe they offer an important window on our country. It may sound strange to carve out a particular group as a means to build bridges of understanding but we have proof positive in the original Question Bridge.Our team of 'white women' feel that it is our civic responsibility and a deep moral privilege to examine the reasons at the heart of why our demographic is so split; to look from within and create a dialogue that can aid in mending division. 

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