Question Bridge: White Women in America

Trans-media film project

In 2016 we experienced an election in the United States that showed great divides in our society, sparking in us a journey to gain clarity around why these divides are so deep, and how we might be able to attain greater understanding for one another. 


Question Bridge is a powerful video dialogue, designed to spark questions and answers between people of a specific demographic with wildly diverse opinions and worldviews. We chose to focus on white women as they reflect the nearly 50% split in voting patterns as we witnessed across the nation.

A safe and inherently intimate dialogue, our process creates a non-confrontational space to both give and receive through the use of video recording. Question Bridge: White Women is the second iteration of this powerful format, examining in-depth the real questions and answers inherent in this complex demographic. 

Real women, real questions, real answers. 

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What's the power of a Question?

In Latin, question is defined as a “seeking investigation.” It’s the best way to get information or to get to know someone.


What would you ask if you had the chance to pose a question to someone very different from you?

What if you could meaningfully answer a stranger’s question in a way that helps them better see the world from your perspective?”

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